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IAG, (Independent Artist Goals) was a concept developed by Host- Charis Jones, a native Washingtonian vocal artist in 2016, following her opening act performance at a local yet well-respected venue. After this performance, Charis was not only viewed as an independent singer but an artist, entertainer, and business woman. As always, she took pride in organically acquiring new fans, but coined this achievement as an Independent Artist Goal; and later garnered the inspiration for naming it the title of her mixtape. She felt there was a unique need for artists to collectively create and share their IAG experiences, while being able to showcase their talents in a positive and encouraging environment. With the help of her two closest friends, Torian and Bevin, who are avid Music Lovers; I.A.G. On Air Radio Show was born in February of 2017.

The goal for this show is to give artists opportunities that are sometimes difficult to acquire. We want artists to have a voice and a platform to have their artistry explored. This is not just a show for musicians but a show for any and all artists. We welcome all genres of music, written works, visual arts and more. As you achieve your goals, we become a greater associated collection of artists. We want to see everyone shine in their own right!



P.O. Box 655 Temple Hills MD 20757

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